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Want to know a secret? EVERY ONE OF US was new to yoga at one point. I thought I wasn’t flexible enough; a friend told me “Saying to you’re too inflexible for yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath.”  So I tried it-and after that first class, I was hooked. Yoga gives exactly what you want to take from it; a fantastic workout, a sense of peace, an hour of calm…your practice belongs to YOU.


Each class at Woke is tailored to accommodate all abilities. Our instructors are all experienced yogis, able to challenge and nurture, offer hands-on assist or demonstrate, and above all, lead you to feel the sense of accomplishment and peace at the end of your practice…a phrase commonly known as ‘Leaving it all on the mat.’


Woke Yoga Loft welcomes everyone-EVERY. BODY.  If you feel like you’re out of shape, yoga is a great way to give you a boost toward feeling better about yourself-it’s a judgment-free zone.  If you think you’re already getting enough exercise through other workouts, try one of our classes and experience the benefits of adding yoga to your regimen.- the results speak for themselves, and you’ll find that it increases mindfulness, flexibility, and endurance…we can all use a little more of all of those things, no?


If you’re a guy and think yoga is just for girls, come meet Ramsey, one of our most popular teachers and a self-described `hand-stand addict.  Ramsey offers pop-up “Broga” classes just for guys, and our Tai Kwan Do Yogini Sandi can just as easily guide you through a calm meditation as she can do a vertical leap that puts her head through the ceiling.  Whatever you think yoga means, it’s SO much more.  It’s calming-it’s an insane workout-it’s the gift of time to yourself-it’s the PERFECT stress reliever, body and mind strengthener-it’s everything you never thought it was, and offers every possibility imaginable.


Come as you are…just come-We’ll be glad to see you.

Woke Yoga Loft

649 Oak Street

East Bridgewater, MA 02333


phone: 774.280.4386


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