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Cara Orsie

"Yoga for me is basically my way of life. I live my days like I do in my practice. With willingness, strength, challenge and acceptance. Willingness, to be open to all new people and every experience. Strength, to make it through the ups and downs life throws at us all. I embrance challenge as it in turn, teaches me something I may not have known. Acceptance, allows me to acknowledge the things I cannot change and embrace my world as is. Yoga has me on a path to greater journey, in which I am enjoying every part of the ride. If you are open to new, possible life altering experiences, flow with me and let's see where your journey can take you!"

Chelsea Berry

"Yoga has been apart of my journey for many years now. It has helped me heal and become the person I am today. The practice of yoga has allowed me to slow down and be more mindful. My hope for students is that they become more mindful in their own practice. I love to help students find balance, strength, and confidence. And safely challenge them to the best of their ability. I want to help students feel empowered and know that they can do anything they put their minds to!"

Lyndsay Mansfield

Even before finding her own practice, Lyndsay was always drawn to the idea of yoga. She decided to go through her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, before taking a single yoga class. By bringing her back into her body and helping her become more present in life, yoga has taught her how to live more fully, happily and compassionately. Her challenging, yet blissfully satisfying classes are designed to find the balance of strength and flexibility. She hopes that by holding a space of trust and non-judgement, students can explore their practice in depth and find their place of calm in the chaos of life. She is deepening her practice and teaching abilities through the 500hr Yoga Teacher Training, graduating in January 2019. She has a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki 2 Practioner and a Holistic Health and Life Coach.     

Erin Florek 

Erin began yoga as a way to cope with stress and anxiety.  The calm and peace she felt after every class was life-changing, and the strength she gained from yoga ultimately had her hooked! She decided she wanted to share this amazing feeling with everyone she could, and she earned her RYT-200 at Emerald Yoga Studio. She loves to teach Vinyasa Flow classes, teaching others to move with purpose and linking breath to movement, creating the mind/body connection. Erin has also worked as an occupational therapist since 2000. She has been able to apply her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to her classes as she works with her students to maintain proper alignment in poses and to prevent injury. She enjoys challenging her students to help them see their true potential.  She recently became Yoga Shred Certified and is excited to share this amazing combo of Vinyasa Yoga and yoga inspired HIIT moves!!  

Sandra Weston

"I began practicing yoga several years ago to compliment my training in tae kwon do. What started out as an activity to increase flexibility and balance, quickly transformed into an inward exploration where I’ve found stillness of mind, a peaceful heart, fluidity in my physical practice, and contentment within myself.

A strong yoga practice coincides with the discipline necessary to excel in martial arts. Both practices have taught me to look deep inside to find focus, patience, and clarity of mind through the strength in my body. With a deep desire to continue growing in both practices, I tested for my 3rd Dan in June of 2016, and completed my 200-hour Teacher Training at Health Yoga Life in Boston in December the same year. In July of 2017, I completed the required hours to become a certified Yin Yoga Teacher through Open Doors Power Yoga Studios.

My sincere hope is to share the many amazing gifts that both practices have given me with all who are willing join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery, one breath at a time.

Namaste and Ki-Hap!"

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